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Providing the Veteran Access to Backcountry Adventures

High Country Veterans Adventures (HCVA) is a Colorado based 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization.  Our mission is to improve the overall quality of life of the U.S. Veteran by connecting them with the outdoors through physical and social adventures. We are driven and committed to serving the U.S. Veteran.  This small slice of the population has selflessly sacrificed in service to our great nation.  Their commitment comes at a great cost to the Veteran, who must endure sacrifices and hardships along the way.  We recognize that not all wounds are visible and we have found a great way for Veterans to enjoy some time off, reconnect with nature, and socialize with fellow Veterans.  Our goal is to provide the Veteran a tailored outdoor adventure at no cost. 



Having a community of people to explore with expands the activities I have access to and makes everything easier, safer, and more fun. An adventure community of veterans compounds this because everyone is one the same page, and is willing to do their part.


Coming from a high speed combat environment like Afghanistan, where you're constantly alert and on guard, it an be a challenge to find hobbies and activities stateside that are exciting and that I can enjoy which don't end in blue lights and handcuffs. Fortunately, through great mentors and friends, I have been lucky enough to fill that niche with the wilderness. 


I ended up loving rock/ice climbing and whitewater rafting. Since the Army, they were the only things that pushed me to my limits physically and mentally at the same time,


These partners are vital suppoters of HCVA programming.  They help us to provide our Veterans with the experiences they crave! 


If you like what we do, you will love what they have to offer!

Our partners

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Local friends

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New veteran benefit
and discounts


FarOut offers their subscription service of access to many worldwide major trail maps to veterans FREE!  Click on their logo above for more information or email them for instruction on how to apply.  They verify through Warrior Expeditions.

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