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We enable veterans to participate in outdoor activities through free education and guided adventures.  Creating a community of veterans linked to each other through their shared love of outdoor activities and experiences.  Our highly-trained outdoor leaders and educators provide for the safety and enjoyment of all our veteran participants for our activities in the natural environments of the High Rockies region of Colorado.  Each event is structured to minimize actual risk and maintain a perceived risk to maximize enjoyment and team building; with daily reflection periods both private and shared.


Outward Bound Veterans and The University of Texas has provided scientific qualitative studies measuring the impact of nature therapy programs on US Veterans, highlighting the success of this strategy. HCVA welcomes this research and utilizes its findings in our approach to increase the overall quality of life of the US Veteran. 

Outward Bound for Veterans research final

Outward Bound for Veterans research summary

The Impact of Outward Bound Programming on Psychosocial Functioning for Male Military Veterans

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